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The HHSAA has initiated a Sponsored Scholarship program. Alumni who donate $1000 or more can name a scholarship or gift for a former teacher, department, individual or other entity.  In addition, the sponsor(s) can direct the scholarship to a specific type of student and designate the Harding school that will receive the scholarship.  Once established, sponsored scholarships and gifts are open to other alumni who can donate lesser amounts of money to the sponsored scholarship or gift and thereby increase the total amount of the award.

Several Harding alumni have sponsored  a scholarship and challenge other Harding alumni to do the same. This scholarship is named for Harding math teacher Maurine Sayre.  The scholarship will be given to a Harding Charter Prep student who excels in mathematics and or science.

"The Fine Arts Promise" scholarship fund has been established by several alumni to acknowledge academic achievement by a graduating senior in the five major departments of Harding Fine Arts Academy--Visual Arts and Photography, Music, Drama, Dance, and Journalism.  Other Harding alumni who appreciate the Arts can make a gift  to "The Promise" to congratulate and encourage our first graduating class of artists and those who will follow! 

Alumni may also sponsor (i.e. multiple sponsors are possible) a named scholarship if they donate at least $1000 to that scholarship.  Groups are also encouraged to sponsor a scholarship.  For example, consider organizing your class to be a sponsor.  Named scholarships will continue in future years so long as one Harding alum or group sponsors the scholarship.

Scholarship donations that are not directed will be deposited into the HHSAA general scholarship fund and will be used to support $1000 college scholarships at the Harding Charter Prep and Harding Fine Arts schools.  

All donors will receive recognition by level of giving [Platinum ($1000 or more), Golden ($500 to $999), Silver ($250 to $499), Bronze ($100 to $249) and Eagle (below $100)] in the form of a plaque placed in the Harding media room and a page on the HHSAA website. Remember, your donations are tax deductible!  
To sponsor a scholarship or gift, please describe your request in the box below. This will be reviewed by the Fund Raising Committee (e.g. to check for duplicates), and you will be contacted regarding the results of this review.


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